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 Why Oral SteriClean™?  Top 5 Reasons to Use Oral SteriClean

Oral SteriClean™ UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are clinically tested and proven, manufactured in FDA registered facilities, and are listed medical devices that are proven safe & effective in killing bacteria. It is obvious, when you brush your teeth and remove plaque from your mouth, your toothbrush is contaminated with plaque, saliva, and blood. The toothbrush remains contaminated and quickly becomes infested with harmful bacteria. Brushing with a dirty toothbrush 2-3x/day just doesn't make sense!

Bacteria cause infections, causing inflammation that is often unknown to you and over time, this low-grade, "silent" internal chronic inflammation results in dysfunction of the infected tissues leading to severe health complications. Bacteria we remove should be killed, not put back into the mouth and into your bloodstream! We sanitize our hands, we eat with clean utensils, using a sanitized toothbrush should be a daily routine.

Health professionals agree that once a toothbrush is used, it becomes a dental biohazard. After only a few uses, the bristles of our toothbrush become “tiny little needles” that cause tiny cuts in our tissues of the mouth, which then allow for the harmful germs to inject directly into our bloodstream! As USA Today reported, “The Most Serious Threat to Your Everyday Health can be your own germs from your own self contaminated toothbrush". Studies show that after rinsing a toothbrush with water, they are still heavily contaminated with germs.

”Your toothbrush harbors as many as 100 million bacteria. This bacteria affects all the organs of the body.” -University of Manchester, 2012